Electric vehicles are widely acknowledged as the future of motoring, which means manual cars are likely to be phased out in the next few decades. But why pick an automatic campervan, if you’re buying this type of larger vehicle?

An automatic campervan offers many benefits including the fact it’s a pleasure to drive. For those who want a more relaxing driving experience, automatic campervans means you don’t have to worry about switching gears.

There’s a reason that rental companies mostly offer automatic campervans: they’re much easier to operate. When you’re buying a vehicle, you’ll find that automatic campervans have a higher resale value than manual vehicles. This is a point to consider if you plan to sell or upgrade your campervan in the future.

Do You Dislike Constantly Shifting Gears?

If you often go on longer drives, an automatic won’t lead to you getting as tired when dealing with heavy traffic or hills, which need frequent gear changes. Many more adventurous drivers like to drive on winding roads or steeper inclines, so this type of campervan is often the best choice.

We have both automatic and semi-automatic vehicles which offer the best of both worlds.

All Seasons Leisure Campervan Sales has showrooms in numerous locations including Newcastle, where you’re welcome to give our campervans a test drive. Our friendly team would love to help find your dream vehicle this summer.

Why not explore our latest automatic campervans or contact our team today.

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