Did you know that VW was the first company to make campervans popular?

In 1947, they launched their iconic Type 2 van, which was designed to move vehicle parts around a massive factory in Britain. It eventually evolved into a ‘do whatever you want’ vehicle. Camper vans first became hugely popular during the 1960s hippie movement, since which they’ve been well-loved all over the world.

A Campervan Can Provide You With Exceptional Freedom and Independence

Today, it’s easier than ever to buy a camper van that’s completely unique. Indeed, that’s one of the joys of this type of vehicle. No two are alike. While some people want a camper van that can survive tougher environments ‘off the grid’, others want those for everyday purposes.

These vehicles are also generally lighter and more fuel-efficient than traditional motorhomes, so can save you money. You can even include features like solar panels or water recycling installations to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re ready to buy a VW campervan, All Seasons Leisure Sales can guide you through the process.

Our extensive stock includes vehicles with handy pop-up roofs, one of the most popular conversions over the past few years. We also make it easy to pay monthly if preferred.

Latest vehicles in Newcastle include this Volkswagen Campervan that has adaptive cruise control. Apple car play, Bluetooth, air-con, front and rear parking sensors, along with LED Lights, front and rear heated screens and much more.

If you’re looking to buy a VW camper van, check out our latest vehicles today. Or drop us a line for more details.

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